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Resurrection! The Pegoretti has risen.

February 14, 2014
She is Risen

She is Risen: 1999 Pegoretti retored by Waterford and the Yellow Jersey

Gee, I guess it’s been awhile. Something about finishing up two new books while getting flogged by deanlets and deanlings resulted in me neglecting this blog. I did manage to get in an OK set of races last year, 12 on the road and 6 cross races. And, I did several big events like Tulsa Tough, Tour de Grove, Derby City, and Gateway. I even picked up a little money in one race, and witnessed Uncle Gary’s resurrection as well! Gary not only came back to race last year, but he was racing to win, which he did on several occasions.

But, the really exciting event has been bringing the Pegoretti back from the dead. The Peg was my first real race bike and the best thing I ever bought in my life. But, I abused it, bad. And, it had some bad luck with a rock going through the seatstays. Something was amiss, but then I eliminated one of the noises by changing the wheels and thought that maybe she was still salvageable. So, I boxed her up and sent her to Johanna at Waterford Precision Bikes for a full restore and repaint. A few weeks later Johanna called. Not good news. My initial perceptions were confirmed, the top tube was compromised. I told her to send it back to me and I’d hang it on the wall…..A few days later she called me back and said that the Yellow Jersey guy, Andrew Musi, from Madison could splice in a new Columbus Air top tube, not cheap, but it’d be fixed. Awesome, I said, go for it. A few weeks later Johanna called back and said that the seat stays are also toast (no surprise), and that it would be more to get those replaced (but Yellow Jersey could do it). At this point, I’m already in the bag, so what the hell! Well, Andrew did and awesome job!

Maestro Yellow Jersey saved the Pegoretti

Maestro Yellow Jersey saved the Pegoretti

The top tube and seat stays are Columbus Air, which is a nice new superlight steel. Originally, this was all Deda Zero 18MCDV6, which is an excellent pairing. Between the weather and vacations and stuff, it took awhile to get the finished product back in my hands. But, it looks perfect. I’m setting it back up with the steel fork, which I raced from 1999-2001 before losing some weight with a Reynolds Ouzo Pro, mostly new stuff, but keeping the old school vibe with a NOS Record Crank, original record ti brakes and chorus front der, and record ti seat post. I have some new Chorus for the rear mech and the shifters, and I’ll put on the Miche-Open Pro’s which are fairly new. Should be a nice training bike for a long time.

Given all of the snow and the cinders, I’m not in a hurry to ride on the roads on road tires anytime soon. Choak at Carbondale Cycles is ordering up the headset and bottom bracket and anything else I don’t have, and I suspect he’ll have it back to me in a few weeks. I think I’m skipping Froze Toes, unless it’s warm. I have an unfortunate number of professional travel commitments related to the book, but I’ll definitely be at hillsboro (where I hope to not flat out like last year, when the wheel truck just went straight past me and I had to wait for the sag following the 1-2 race—and I was in the lead group!).

And of course, the Jeff Williams Painting of the Pegoretti:

Sitting atop the Steinway upright.....

Sitting atop the Steinway upright…..