Worst Purchase of 2012: Sigma BC 1909 Computer and HRM

Ich bin ein Berliner!

Just in time for Black Friday, my first installment of the 2012 product review summaries. On the bottom, I was somewhat hard pressed to think of a bad thing I had purchased this year, only then my computer fritzed….and then another one….and so did Molteni’s of the same model. The Sigma BC 1909 cpmputer and heart rate monitor, which also has cadence, which I didn’t want in the first place.

The problem with this product is mostly that it tries to do too much in terms of potential output, and most of that is stupid shit. All I want is current HR, Speed, Time, and maybe a few other things, but  not much. Cadence? Why? Calorie calculators? Split times? What is that crap? Anybody who wants all of that shit is going to get a real power gauge and hoo ha…and they’ll still suck.  The Sigma gives a huge amount of information, and it complicates the operation and makes it likely that someone like me sends it into a different mode and puking out calorie burning averages in French. Winter gloves make sending it into weird output modes even more likely.  But, overall reliability was also just flat bad. I had a speed sensing unit go bad, and Molteni had a HR belt stop working in less than a year. I was using this to replace a nice simple Cateye setup that lasted nearly a decade, so I wasn’t very pleased.

On the happy side, I did get to do some cross racing in Louisville at the future worlds course! It was a fun time with Chief Reimbold, Berto, Molteni, and Dave. We didn’t get to hit Proof, but we did manage to have martinis at midnight with the Nuns on the Bus, who were in our hotel. I’m probably done with racing for the season, unless I sneak out for the last Bubba, but it wasn’t a horrible year. I’m definitely going to spectate at Cyclocross Worlds in Louisville. It’ll be my only chance to see Sven Nys and Bart Wellens (hopefully), and Katie Compton should become the first American to win Worlds. I plan to drink heavily and wear a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on my head.


One Response to “Worst Purchase of 2012: Sigma BC 1909 Computer and HRM”

  1. Sir Gareth Says:

    I’m up for spectating. I’ll even take a pic of the KFC bucket on your head!

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