Alton Cross and the Return of Uncle Gary…..

Big Bob brought us a present!

Cross season is off with a Bang. I managed to hit two of the races produced by the Wild Trak bunch, and I was very impressed with both. But, gotta thank Bob Santarelli for making the race and bringing down Uncle Gary! He’s up and about, but gimping and still recovering. But, he’s coming back!
I had a pretty good race at Gordon Moore, Robo and I went back and forth, but he dropped me in the end for the last podium slot in the masters race. Frank Brummer and Big Bob were also up in the mix. I was glad to be up there racing, instead of just trying to finish. I hope to get in two more races before Louisville. Gotta do Derby Cup!
Had huge fun last Friday with Dave Neis coming to town for a psycho ride. As usual, before we finished the temperature dropped by 20 degrees and it started to rain…and I had a flat. But, wow, the new trail at Cedar Lake is awesome, even on cross bikes.

Stay tuned for the best and worst purchases of 2012…..

Evil Mike Catches the action at Gordon Moore

Evil Mike Catches the action at Gordon Moore


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