State Championships and Superweek!

The Talented Ms. Rengel captures the malaise…..

And absolute shitstorm at work is not boding well for anything. I did manage to do some racing, ignoring my impending doom. First, though, I was out West in Tulsa doing nothing then in Santa Fe. Santa Fe was nice, and I got a really cool Cinelli Cross bike from Mellow Velo and managed to ride the Pacheco Canyon loop twice! Nice bike, set up with 105. A bit heavy, with an aero downtube, but the crosstube is flat and the frame was really nice and stable on some very tough stuff. By far the best one that I’ve used to tackle Pacheco.

After that, I jumped right into the Mo State Chumps at St. Genevieve. I was feeling pretty good despite having a seized pedal….but I hit the limit on the second of the three climbs and used the last lap for fun and games and to talk dirty to Evan Wykes and Gary Dyer who were off the front on the 50+. Great job by Rob Landes to take the race in the 40+. I’m not surprised at all, and was a bit bummed that he got nipped at O’Fallon. We had three guys from Mack, with Darrell Bratton, Brian Grant, and me on the line. But, with guys like Rob and David Stone, we were struggling to try to create favorable splits, and it never really happened. Ah well….It could have been worse, I could have gotten heat stroke and crashed into a three-wheeled Harley and become a quadriplegic.

Big news up north is that Uncle Gary and Team Mack Racing are putting in the big effort for Superweek, not just for us racing, but for making the series a really cool and worthwhile event. I’ve been contacting people all around the country to make sure that you guys on the big Old Fart Teams come on up to Superweek to toe the line with some of the best in the nation. It should be a really fun Masters series, and Team Mack will be chipping in for jerseys and prize money. More details to follow!




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