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Champaign to O’Fallon… to beer…..all good.

May 24, 2012

Elizabeth Rangel catches the action before my implosion…..


Absolute chaos in the real world has hindered my racing and blogging. Ah well.  So it goes again. I got the new American Classic 58 Tubulars mounted up with some Conti Competitions and have been out racing some. I managed to get to Champaign for the 4-corner 35+ race. Druber does an awesome job with that race, and the competition level is always very high. I almost never get to do both races, and couldn’t this year. Early May is just a suck ass slot for the real world. In academe, we have graduation (which totally took me out of the Grove thing) and finals……Ah well. I was having a great race in Champaign until I wasn’t. I managed to hang in and cover all of the covers of the breaks, and then I found myself in the winning break with 12 laps to go….with 8 laps to go I was off the back. After the race, everyone said the same thing to me “So, how’d you finish in the break?” Uh, didn’t you see that blue streak heading backwards? Sam Gulotta took home 9th for Mack, but Uncle Gary was suffering from his home improvement injuries….and I was off the back….Bellville was similar, as I recall.

I did better in O’Fallon. I knew it was going to be a good day when Anthony Dust brought me a sack of poop before the race. I wasn’t feeling very good at the time, but there’s something about dog poop when you’re hungover…..I remained out of it at the first of the race, which  was bad. I had to sprint across several splits in the first 30 minutes, and I was huffed from one of those when the break went. Kudos to Gateway and Big Shark for their teamwork in the pack. In half a lap the break had 20 seconds. Sam and I both were in breaks to seal up a top 10, but we got caught, and neither of us had anything left for the sprint for 5th. Dave Cummings took that in a bunch sprint that included Tracy Smith, Gary Dyer, Bernd Faust, and other usual suspects.  Dave’s a great guy and he raced really well for his teammate Alan Christinal who was up in the break. Chris Harre is really looking strong and took the overall, and the vernerable Evan Wykes was on the podium as well. And, free beer at O’Fallon, what’s not to love!

Congrats to Dave Neis and Flavia Sancier who are tying the knot repeatedly for the next few weeks. Oooooh…..Congratulations indeed!