Ready to Race?

I will probably be racing these when I'm 60+

Ah, I missed Froze Toes. I was hoping to line up for the 1-2-3, but then my son’s sleepover got in the way. At least he made the girls go home before 10pm, but it was still a bit much to sneak off for a race. I’ll be in action at Forest Park and maybe also at Carondolet. After that, I hope to hit the Tuscaloosa crit (I can’t stay for the road race), and then we’ll see what I can do before Hillsboro.

Uncle Gary has us on track for another great year at Team Mack, and I’m really excited about the new American Classic Wheels. I’ve been running the 58 tubulars for four years, and it was time to upgrade to the new model—which looks totally cool! Those have been awesome wheels, and I plan to race them as spares for the next decade or so, or maybe move them to cross if one of my cross wheels breaks. The thing about high end tubular wheels is that they have to be thought of as a long-term good. Don’t get all bound up in the hype about new shit. It’s all the fucking same. My 2004 Mavic Cosmic Carbone Tubulars remain a raceworthy wheel at any level, and I run them as my primary cyclocross wheel. I don’t expect that to change for at least another four years.

I’m also experimenting with some off road frankenstein stuff in the cross-off-season. I just rebodied one of my Mavic Cosmos to Shimano, and have a 10-speed 11-36 SRAM cassette on the way. I’m going to try to see how this does with a Campy rear Triple derailleur. I’ve run that with a 53-29 in the triple, but this will stretch to 50-36…..I think it can handle it…..maybe. Maybe I should have gone 34…..I’ll report back later….


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