Worst Purchase of 2011: Shimano Sh M310 MTB Shoes

They don't look like instruments of torture....

But they are….I had almost resigned myself to not writing a worst purchase this year, because I had put these out of my mind….I did better than some. I “only” paid around $200 for my pair. I have worn Shimano MTB shoes since I bought my first MTB in 2000, the first generation was an awesome shoe (remember the neon Blue?) and the second generation shoes were simply the best things ever made, at least for me. But, after several years on two pair I needed new ones. I ordered these….It took about 30 minutes to figure out that these were the worst fucking shoes ever made. I can’t do 2 hours without having numb feet. I’m still riding them! Anytime I have a suck ass ride to do, I use these. I have to get something out of them, since I wasted $200 and a Time cleat. But, don’t be fooled. Obviously, everyone has figured this out and they are banging these out for 75% off all around the globe. It doesn’t matter that you can get a $400 pair of shoes for $82.50, don’t buy them.


2 Responses to “Worst Purchase of 2011: Shimano Sh M310 MTB Shoes”

  1. comfy shoes Says:

    Thanks for the advice I will stay away from these, and yes i remember the neon blue I think i still have them!! 🙂

  2. Jay R Says:

    Try not tightening the middle buckle so tight.

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