Best Purchase of 2011: Kool-Stop Brake Blocks—and the end of the season….

The Solution to Campy Brake Pads....

Wow, what a season finale. I did Jefferson Barracks for only my second Bubba of the year. Normally, that’s a great course for me, and it should have been. I did a practice lap with Mike Weiss and we were marveling at how well the course had handled the rain. But, when I got going the Fango’s were clogged and I was WAY overdressed. I probably had about 8psi too much in the tires, as well. Another finish in the bottom third….

But, the next week was my mom’s 81st birthday and there was a cross race in Tulsa. Unfortunately, I wound up meeting up with some old friends and partying until the wee hours of the morning. After 3 hours of sleep, I was seriously considering blowing off the race. But, I warmed up, cramped, stretched, and toed the line thinking I’d be lapped and left for dead, or would cramp out in 10 minutes. Instead, I was in the top ten with 2 laps down and decided to make sure I stayed that way. After a slugfest with a junior kid (which I won), I ended it 8th in the 3-4 race. Probably my best cross result in f0ur years. I’m still not doing nationals or worlds, unless it’s really warm and sunny that week….

As promised, my best purchase of 2011—Kool Stop Brake Blocks.

I’m a Campy guy, so notice which ones are posted. They’re the Shimano style blocks, and they work. You may have to shim them out with a washer from your campy brakes, but you’ll never have to change out the Campy Brake pads (an absolute nightmare, as any Campy person can attest). With these, you can also slide in and out carbon specific pads (I bought two sets this year, and one is on  my R-33 stainless race bike), and change out pads just like Shimano people do….Best yet, the entire brake block set comes with two sets of pads, and costs the same as a set of Campy pads…..

Next up….Worst purchase of 2011…..


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