Halloweeen and Bourbon Proof


View from the Women's Room, apparently.....

I’m not exactly lighting it up, but I did at least manage to pin on a number a few times in the last month. First, I was up in Wisconsin for the Halloween race, while skipping out on a conference which was much more boring. I was bummed that I didn’t get a chance to do a costume….Mark McGeen was the Specialized Angel, and he looked hot! Tim LeRoy was there as well, posing as Jeff Williams, or maybe it was Bob Marley. Mike Magnuson went as Mike Magnuson, and boy was it a good time! I totally sucked, but it was fun.

Next on the plate for me was Louisville, and I was relegated to a one day event. Chief and Dave were in the house, and we managed to hook up with Reeschard for a while and then had dinner at Proof with DJ and Co. We got in some laps on Friday before dinner, and I was pretty stoked about the course, which had lots of power grass and sand. I’m good on sand, unless I’m not.  Proof didn’t disappoint, and I had a wonderful duck breast for the entree following a beet salad and octopus app. Chief had Pork, and it was the other white meat, which they like at Proof. DJ had his hands all over these women’s penguin before we dragged him out. Race day was a hoot, with Heckawee navigation causing Chief some distress. But, I was warmed up and ready to go, despite starting on the back row. But, I managed to push up pretty quickly and was about mid pack when I felt my wheel bottom, then it went again and didn’t come up. I was a good third of a lap from the pit. I managed to ride it in, but I was dead last by the time I got out of the pits. I worked up a few slots, but that was a killer. Lots of glue this week.

Next up: Purchase of the Year….good and bad.


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