Bubba 2011! Birthing in Queeny…..


Eville Mike captures the pain....

The Bubba series started with a blast! I’m gonna be scarce this year, but I really want to hit a few of these. I couldn’t make the night race, but Bubba 2 was quite an event. Chief fired up the Mystery Machine for me and Molteni, and we had a blast in the B’s. I’m just not racing seriously enough to even bother with the A’s or fight my way up to the start of the B’s, even. So, it was a fairly casual affair, but good to see Justin and Andy Lister sucking it up in the slouchers race! Berto and Kelly were rocking, and I was barely managing to hold off Berto in the B’s. Brummer was sandbagging the C’s, but that man is a machine!!! Chief and Molteni were having lots of fun as well. Good to see Anthony Dust up in the mix in the A’s, he’s been racing at the front in the single speed races, and he can race cross. Unlike me. I’m off this weekend with soccer and stuff, but next weekend I’ll be doing halloween cross in Milwaukee with Mag….





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