Gateway Cross Cup, He Man

Evil Mike Pic, except for DK photoshopped in, he was at work.

Gateway Cross Cup was my season opener this year. Boy, do I need some work….Still, it was fun to get out and see what I need to work on, which is pretty much everything. Although, I have to say my dismounts and barriers were ok, though my remounts suck and I can’t ride a bike. Frank Brummer was flying for this early season effort, and many of the usual suspects were rolling really well in the Masters race. I won’t mention any names since several cancelled important meetings to race in the afternoon mid-week….Molteni was racing hard in the 4’s and it was good to see him sprinting it out with some young punk kid…..except that they still had another lap. Damn those kids.

Not sure when I’ll get to race again. Soccer has me out for the PIC series, which bums me out. I like those guys and they do great races. I may have to drive somewhere. I’d hate to not race until Bubba 2, which I think I can do….

Heckawee went up north to Planet Bike. I had to do a fundraiser down here, so I couldn’t go. I’m sure Chief is rockin’ and Molteni and Dave and Mag were all in the mix!




One Response to “Gateway Cross Cup, He Man”

  1. Dennis K Says:

    Nice one DS.

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