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Randy Gillespie and the Summer End

August 22, 2011

Randy Gillespie

Most of you who read this probably know already that Team Mack’s Randy Gillespie took a very bad crash in the cat-5 race at the finish of the Webster Groves crit. His injuries were very severe, and he was removed from life support and died on August 11. I didn’t know Randy, but he was an up and coming Team Mack phenom, who already had wins under his belt in the Cat-5 class and was itching to race. His crash was inexplicable, from all reports. He did nothing wrong, nor did anyone cause the crash. I’ve done that. Usually, the real cause is something silly like a pedal or cleat failure which causes you to plant your foot on the ground.  Twenty people have probably crashed out in that same corner at Webster, but Randy caught a bad break. Our hearts go out to his family, and we’ve been racing in his memory.

The Morton Cycling Classic went off in style this weekend. Fields were modest but very strong. The Masters race was a real slugfest, and I pretty much went out after leading Kron to the prime about midway. Bob Santorelli wound up winning on a very strong break. Mack tried to bridge, but not chase big Bob. But, with Dave Stone and other very strong riders, Kron and Uncle Gary couldn’t make it up without bringing the pack (which also had some dangerous sprinters sitting in….). I lead out the sprint for 2nd, but I was too slow and had to peel off without giving Darrell enough room to really deliver. I kept cramping in my calf…I think it was from sitting in the friggin’ office all day and then driving 4 hours to the race….Team Picture should be worth the trip. Mack on Monkeybars…..

Great job by Shelby Kron!!! Holy crap! I think the last time I remember her I had to watch her at Peoria while her parents attended to something. She was climbing on some of the art and was fighting with her friend who was with her. She didn’t listen to anything I said, and I was terrified that she or her friend were going to bust their heads open on the sculptures. She’s not nearly the brat she used to be! In fact, she was quite a poised young woman, and raced three crits!!!! Mr. and Mrs Kron were quite obviously and deservedly proud of both of their girls!

And Marilyn! Marilyn Powell taking primes and winning races!!! Wow!

I’m almost ready for cross season. I have spooged my cross tires, and both sets seem in order. I need to reconvert my training bike to a double. I need two raceable bikes, and a triple just can’t hack it. It’s fun for messing around, but even serious dirt isn’t that great with all the chain slap and poor transitions on the triple. Campy just doesn’t support the setup. It’s like a mix between friction and index, with the worst of both ruling out. I’m not sure where I’m starting cross season, but I’m definitely signed up for the Weds race in STL!

And, I’ll be at Gateway to try to redeem something of the season–but I guess I was peaking for Froze Toes…. I’m only doing Friday and Saturday.