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Tragedy, Triumph, and Table Scraps: Fleckenstein Takes Superweek and the GEO Turns a Corner

July 28, 2011

Team Mack Superweek 2011, with Fleck and Uncle Gary in Yellow!

It’s been a down and up Summer for me and Team Mack. The big tragedy was Randy Gillespie’s crash at Webster Groves, and he’s still in a coma now a full month later. I know Gary and Sharmin are going down this weekend, and many of us have donated money to help Randy’s family. Give if you can. As Gary reports: “Randy remains in a coma and is in stable condition after another operation yesterday. Randy’s nurse continues his physical therapy sessions exercising his arms and legs..Please go to the following site for daily updates from Lisa, Randy’s wife.. .

My Summer has been a wreck for racing. Between conferences and my daughter’s wedding and weeks without child care I’ve only done three events since May. But, Team Mack has been Rocking!

John Fleckenstein takes the overall 35+ at Superweek and Uncle Gary takes the 50+. Not bad!!!  Gary sums up Superweek best:

It was again a pleasure to ride with everyone at the 2011 International Cycling Classic Series. This year Team MACK Racing co-sponsored the Masters 4/5 and Masters 1/2/3 series featuring overall competitions for the 35+, 40+ and 50+ masters. Team MACK members competing this year in the various categories: Eric Christensen, Jordan Brasch, Jake Buescher, Gary Doering, Steve Driscoll, John Fleckenstein, Brian Grant, Tristan Horvath, Todd Kollar, Robert Kron, Marina Kron, Shelby Kron, Mark Mcgeen, Mark O’Banion, Jacob Schilling and Josh Schilling. Way To Go Fleck!!! Hats off to john Fleckenstein for placing 1st Overall in the Masters 35+ 1/2/3 and 2nd Overall in the Masters 50+ 1/2/3 race series and for housing MACK members in his home for two week. John, you are a true friend and teammate..Your generosity is much appreciated. Jane, Fantastic Dinner!!!
Category 3
Chris Evertsen did a super job by placing in the top ten in 12 of the 16 stages. Chris also WON the Great Downer Criterium on his way to 1st Overall in the Category 3 event. GREAT JOB Chris!!!
Category 4/5
Tristan Petsch-Horvath had a number of stage WINS in the Category 4/5 event and finished up the Overall CHAMPION of the two week series. GREAT JOB Tristan!!
In the Junior 10-12 Girls competition at the Kenosha Criterium , Marina Kron placed 2nd and sister Shelby Kron also took 2nd in the Junior Girls 15-18.  The Junior Boys 10-12 Joshua Schilling placed 3rd.  Way to go kids!!!
 It was great to see Larry Moore on the start line playing our National Anthem at Whitefish Bay. Larry you ROCK!
I almost made it to Superweek, but then my car got hit by lightening, and I had to go to a retirement party, and I have this itchy rash….Maybe next year. …

Climbing with Gary D before he dropped me....Photo by Matt G, thanks!

I did finally get to to a race. Then Bike Surgeon guys managed to pull off a second year of the Great Egyptian Omnium, and it was a much improved event. Hats off to Chad Briggs and Rob Landes and the rest of the crew for finding a really nice road race course and a very smooth (and maybe easily obtainable?) crit course. The fields were somewhat small, but there were some fast people on the line. The Masters race featured Chris Black, who happened to be traveling through to visit his father in TN. It was a bit of a shocker to see him on the start line! Gary Dyer came over, Ken Norton, Dan Hill, Mark Shea, and a few others. Great to see Mark in So. Ill, I think he should move here….And, Rob Landes is friggin’ flying. He’s really one of the top riders going right now in the 40+ races. I wasn’t surprised that he took the road race (with Gary second), but I was pretty impressed by his crit performance against someone like Mr. Black. Lots of Heckawee at the crit, good to see Chief and Gary throwing down, er,…wait, I missed their race. What was really good was that I missed their race because the race was 15 minutes from my house. Wow. I guess that’s what it’s like when you live in STL or Indy or Chicago where they have races every weekend…