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Tulsa not so Tough, Mack Takes Galena!

June 13, 2011

Don Lowe and John Fleckenstein on the way to a 1-2 finish at Galena

May was not my month, and June isn’t much better. I was totally bummed after racing with my brakes on at Bellville. It was my only opportunity for a good race all year, and I had good form coming in. But, a last minute mechanical before the race through my concentration, and I wound up at the start line with my brakes rubbing. So much so that I melted my Swissstop pads into a nice yellow streak on my front rim. Uncle Gary still wound up 4th, and took the 50+ and our wonderful juniors ripped it up.

For me, the rest of may was nothing but work and family related travel.. I did get to repeat my long off road excursions in Santa Fe while I was there, but no racing between May 1 and June 10….which left me far from “tough enough” for Tulsa Tough. Friday I was shelled pretty quickly in the 3’s after starting at the back of the pack. Jesus, don’t these kids use the porta potty? It was 20 minutes before the friggin’ start! I managed to stay with the lead group, but it was a big bunch sprint and I had nothing. Sunday I almost managed to hang in, but popped and lost my concentration for too long to chase back. I was bummed, since I’ve been in the money twice on that very difficult course. The races at Tulsa Tough are awesome, and I think it’s a damned shame that MO put their state championship on that same weekend. Huge crowds watched at all three of the events, and the first two are in very hip venues lined with bars and restaurants. They even had big screens showing the race from several directions. Sunday the hill was covered with crazy spectators. Guys in speedos with wigs and waterguns. A huge festive group of dancers straight off of the Tulsa Pride parade! It was all rainbows at the top! There was a horn section and even a guy in an orangutan suit! Didn’t help me, but my old buddy Will Gault threw down with 10 to go and put a half lap on the field. Nobody ever saw him again. It was great to race down there again with all the great OKC Velo guys, and Larry Yancey was in the fields as well.  And, my daughter and her fiance came to watch on Friday night and we got to have dinner both nights. So, that was good…Wedding next week, so no racing for me….

While I was getting pummeled at Tulsa Tough, Team Mack was ripping it up in Galena. John Fleckenstein won the road race and the crit, and Don Lowe was third both days. Uncle Gary really hurt himself in the effort…not quite his type of venue, but he was still 4th while John and Don went 1-2 in the omnium! Woo hoo! Heckawee hit St. Gen, with Dave Neis taking another top 10 slot, and Chief Reimbold raced strong in the 4’s.

I don’t know when I’ll be racing again. I need to refocus for the late season.