Tour of Saint Louis….a little.

Fleck patrols the front with Steve Hall with his Mack bike and gloves...and Brummer ready to counter...thanks Eville Mike..

Soccer coaching is keeping me out of Saturday races until May, but I managed to head up to STL for the Delmar Crit. Sounded like day 1 was a bit cold and wet. Uncle Gary puked, and Fleck wound up 4th or so. Results aren’t posted yet, but Uncle Gary sums up the Team Mack successes for our Juniors (we have a new focus on Juniors at Mack, trying to keep our average age below 50):

“ALL, A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Ryan, Joshua, Nathan Mittelberg, Drew Lowery and Jake Buescher for the fine showings at the Tour of St Louis. The weather certainly didn’t stop these kids as they dominated their events. We had cold and rainy conditions on Saturday for the opening stage at Carondelet Park. Jake Buescher WON the cat 4/5 race convincingly in the sprint. Our juniors hung tough all placing in the top ten. (I’m still trying to gather results from the race officials). “The stage two time trial also went well as Jake Buescher WON again with a super fast 20 minutes for the 9 mile test. Our juniors again did well as Ryan Mittelberg WON with brothers Joshua and Nathan 3rd and 5th place. The final stage was the Delmar Criterium and what a nice day with temps in the high 70’s. Jake Buescher WON this one pretty easily. Joshua and Ryan nailed 1st and 2nd with Nathan in 5th. Drew Lowery did a super job in the 10-14 juniors bringing home 1st place.”
I out and backed Delmar with Gary Meredith, and we had a great time. Team Mack lost quite a few Masters guys who often show up for the STL and Central IL events, including a few guys who’ve been on the team for a while. But, I guess it’s always like that for all teams. And, Delmar was a great reminder of why I love racing for Team Mack. It was the old guard again— Uncle Gary, John Fleckenstein, Darrell Bratton, me, and a FLYING Frank Brummer on the line. We controlled the race from the gun, with Fleckenstein unselfishly sitting on the front for lap after lap.  No break got off without one of us in it, and with five laps to go the entire team was sitting on the front with Uncle Gary getting ready for the sprint. Only a huge effort by Dave Cummings prevented another Team Mack win, but everyone knew who controlled that race. Chris Harre and several Big Sharkers made it a point to compliment us. Uncle Gary took the prime, and was 2nd or 3rd in the finish (I had to leave before they straightened  it out).
Great to see Steve Hall in his new Dogfish kit (with a new derailleur after Forest Park), Jeff Williams showing off the Wheelfast uniform (which could use a bit of his magic), and all of the usual suspects! And, Dave Cummings is the new sheriff in the 40+! What a nice guy, too.

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