Hillsboro 2011….where’s Molteni edition

Molteni heading home from SLU over a week after Hillsboro...

Yikes, Hillsboro came and went and I was there. Seemed unreal in the end. I crossed the line with a flat and was heading to the wheel truck when I think Gary or John told me that Molteni was in the hospital in Lichtfield with a broken tit or something.  The Carbondale crew packed up and went to Lichtfield; but Moltenti was destined for better things at SLU Hospital. Final diagnosis was 12 broken ribs, broken collarbone, cracked sternum, punctured lung, and some fracturing on some outer parts of some vertebrae. Geez. He almost chased back to the 50+ group but overcooked a downhill while tailing the wheel truck. Molteni is well known for his descending madness, so I’m sure he was going really, really fast….John and Dave brought him home in the mystery machine a week and three days later. However, he’s moving around and doing much better than I expected now that the chest tube is out and he’s back in Carbondale.

Team Mack dominated the 50+ at Hillsboro, with Mark McGeen taking third followed by John Fleckenstein, Don Lowe, and Uncle Gary. Mark O’banion and I were the only Mackers in the 40+, but we gave it a whirl. I was in the early break with Robo and Dave Stone and a few others. We looked like something that might make, but Tolson wasn’t letting that go and it all came back. I was freaked by the center line policing, and got caught in a split. I almost make it back and finished off in a nice chase group, but flatted on the way back into town–over 3 years on that tire….


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