Forest Park Crit, 2011

Usual Suspects tooling along at the Master's group ride. thx Eville Mike

Big thanks to Mike Weiss and the Big Shark crew for putting on another Great Race in Forest Park. I really love this crit. I don’t know why, since I’m usually better at attrition crits with stupid climbs and stupider turns. This year, I blew the sprint and missed the small break off the front after being behind a crash when it went.

But, for me, the day was really about recovering from being stupid. I forgot all of my shit. I was completely packed in the car except for my bag with my helmet, kit, shoes and shit–and I forgot to pack the bag into the car. I couldn’t believe Jeff Williams didn’t have anything, but I think he came with Justin and Robo and they were only sporting their new Wheelfast kit (and had no extra on hand). My best option was to race Heckawee (Dave did have an extra jersey and Gary Meredith had some nice black bibs).  And, Rob Landes scared up a Bike Surgeon kit. Then,  Mark Shea (another new Wheelfaster) found a Team Mack Jersey under his truck seats! But, then, Darrell Bratton came through with a full Team Mack Kit! Molteni Mike Humphries let me use his helmet, and Diamond Dave Nies let me use his golden shoes. Zero cleats will work with standard Speedplay pedals, don’t let anyone tell you they can’t–I did this before with Pease’s shoes at a race in Indiana a long time ago. But, it does feel a bit sketchy for sprinting….

I wound up in the main group but was a bit cut out on the sprint. Not sure how I finished. There was a crash right in front of me at about 35 minutes or so, and I was a bit rattled.  The guy on the right took out Steve Hall’s rear Der (and jammed him up tearing off the front as well!), not sure about the other guy, but the skidded on the pavement and parted just as I came darting through. I think I ran over one of the guy’s fingers.

So Ill had a great time, with Gary, Molteni, Dave, Rob, the Works, Danimal, and bunches of others getting into the swing. It was really great to see all of the usual old guys, and thanks for all the help people offered when I had that little problem with my brain.


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