Campy Brake Pad Solution

Kool Stop Cartridge Pad Set on Campy Calipers

Anyone who has changed out a set of Campy brake pads knows that it isn’t fun. It takes a ridiculous amount of time and effort, and you usually wind up bleeding with scratches on your calipers or cartridge holders. On a race bike, where you want to run carbon wheels, this becomes a real issue—since you’re switching them out at least a few times a year. For the past four years, I’ve been on Mavic brakes, which had Shimano-style pads. But, my new Stainless Steel Waterford R-33  is all Campy.  My solution was to buy a couple of sets of Kool Stop cartidges (which come with an extra set of pads in each, for not much money at all!!) IN SHIMANO! Low and behold, the Shimano cartridges line up just as well as the Campy, and I now can swap from Swisstop Carbon pads to regular Kool Stop pads in under 10 minutes.


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