Froze Toes 2011…the freeze that wasn’t

She was a virgin....

Sickness prevented me from attending the Tour de Groundhog. I haven’t missed since I started racing cross in 2004, and was bummed not to get out there with Darrell Bratton and Mark McGeen and the rest of the crew. Chief Reimbold drove in from Chicago (huh? Heckawee?), and did a great job in the classic. Ah well, next year. On the upside, I don’t have the clean my cross race bike…..But, once again, Uncle Gary, Steve and Gina Driscoll, and the whole Springfield Crew put on a great event. I was bummed to miss it.

Today we followed the advice of the weather people and went to Columbia for “Froze Toes” which was supposed to take place in record warm temps, almost, maybe with a sprinkle. As I rolled through Hermannish an hour and a half before race time it was 40F on my car thermometer and raining steadily. I saw a car with a couple of people and road racing bikes on the roof turning around at Hermann. I called Chief and Dave when I got there to see if they had blown it off, but they were pulling off the exit to the race. It looked grim–17  degrees lower than forecast at around start time with snow on the ground. Thankfully, I had packed well. And, as it happened, the weather improved about 40 minutes into the race. It was nearly 60 when we finished, and the rain held  off–only a spit early in the race, and fog coming off of the snow covered fields.

I was pretty pleased with my race. I’m always relatively good early in the season, since I can train more than  most. Our race was a bit interesting, since we were a bit sluggish and got caught by the 3-4. Then, after we decided to race (I”m not sure why, but I think I was leading it….), we caught the 3-4s…it took them a long time to relegate them, and there was almost another issue at the finish with a guy from their pack starting to catch ours! Ah well, it didn’t seem to hurt anything in the end–everyone was together when the relegations happened.  I totally screwed up the sprint, but wound up 4th. Dodd Slawson had a great race and finished 3rd.  Of course, Gary Dyer was already at the cars after an early flat…and a lot of guys did the 1-2-3. But, Denis K is finally old!!!! So, that was fun. He called me a smurf, of course. That happens when you’re clad from head to toe in light blue. Chief had a good finish as well. I’m not sure how Dave finished. I was hightailing it out to try to get in more racing on the family credit system….

Spot is ready for spring!

Spot is a Tiger


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