Waterford R-33 Stainless Steel Part II

Team Mack Sponsor Stella Azzurra in the Cockpit

Oh Boy, it’s built up and almost ready to go. I need to take a few spacers out and have Choak recut the fork. But, other than that, this is my race bike for the next ten years or so. Campy Record 10 speed all around (I bought one of the last gruppos available!). I’ll be racing on the American Classic Wheels, but I’ll train a bit on these Mavic Cosmos.

It's all uphill from here...

I have Stella Azzurra for the stem, bars, seatpost, and even tape. The fork is a Wound Up. It isn’t as light as the rest, but this thing is gorgeous! Chris King headset, of course, and I’ll be putting on speedplay x/2s for the road.

wound up in stainless

Lots of MTB and long ball cross down here in So. Ill. Cedar is running really well, and we’ve had some fun in Panther’s Den, Trail of Tears, and the Pine Hills. Woo hooo!!!


One Response to “Waterford R-33 Stainless Steel Part II”

  1. Dan Says:

    Gorgeous bike! Should you ever wish to sell, please let me know.
    Thanks, Dan

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