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Waterford Stainless Steel R-33

December 29, 2010

Jesus and Mo would ride Waterfords

Oh Boy! My first new race bike in five years! When I saw Uncle Gary’s faded paint job on his Stainless, I knew I wanted one. Wow. Wound Up Fork just to make it totally old school and American Made (until I put the Campy and Stella Azzurra stuff on it….). I think I’ll be taking this to see Choak in the morning, along with a big box of Record build…..


Best Purchase of 2010: Gunnar Crosshairs Explorer Edition

December 16, 2010

The New Beast

No question this year. I’ve had a few solid weeks of abuse, with the usual combos of Levee, Pine Hills, and Cedar, and the Gunnar Crosshairs and all the fixin’s are my best buy of 2010.  It’s a familiar rig, that is for sure! And, I went for the Gunnar steel fork instead of racing it up with a carbon. I loved my old steel fork, and this bike is not for racing. Down here in So Ill, we ride all kinds of stuff from dirt and gravel to single track and all of that is always connected by roads (albeing shitty chip and seal roads). So, I have the Explorer dressed out with a Campy Racing Triple (53-42-30), with a long cage Record Rear Derailleur. I tricked out a 12-29 cassette (don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t–it just wastes one cassette….unless you were jonesing for a 13-25). Shifters are Centaur from the Old Blue Cockpit, but they are pretty newishly rebuilt and shiny. The old Empella brakes are straight from the carcass of Blue as well, and the Record Ti seatpost came with my Pegoretti in 1999. The wheels aren’t new, but they fit. I’m running a Record Open-Pro 36 hole in back, with a Mavic Cosmos front. I’ve been running a set of Continental Cyclocross Speed tires on this for over 1000 miles and they are still going strong! They are fast on the roads and sticky on the trails, it may be the 35mm profile helps.

Ah well, race season has ended with a fizzle….Next up, what, Ground Hog?