Broken Fork, Crank, Frame, and Mag's Fork

Here is Old Blue on his deathbed. With Mag’s fork, to add to the carnage. I melded in the old broken Ritchey Crank, which originally adorned Old Blue. And, then there ‘s the fork that hit the dog. The fork lasted another 2.5 years before snapping. The dog died maybe the next day, hiding in the woods. The frame did ok, but I guess it only lasted a bit more than the fork before it cracked across the down tube and the seat tube.  Jeez. I need some new bikes. But, at least I found a new salamander today. A nice young Tiger (ambystoma tigrinum) who was gonna get smooshed on Springer Ridge Road a couple of miles south of Giant City Park.  I’m gonna name him Spot.

Here’s the cracked frame:

No wonder it wouldn't stay in the big ring.....

And here’s Spot. He’s about 9 inches, so probably fairly young for  a Tiger….

Spot is a Tiger


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