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November 27, 2010

Broken Fork, Crank, Frame, and Mag's Fork

Here is Old Blue on his deathbed. With Mag’s fork, to add to the carnage. I melded in the old broken Ritchey Crank, which originally adorned Old Blue. And, then there ‘s the fork that hit the dog. The fork lasted another 2.5 years before snapping. The dog died maybe the next day, hiding in the woods. The frame did ok, but I guess it only lasted a bit more than the fork before it cracked across the down tube and the seat tube.  Jeez. I need some new bikes. But, at least I found a new salamander today. A nice young Tiger (ambystoma tigrinum) who was gonna get smooshed on Springer Ridge Road a couple of miles south of Giant City Park.  I’m gonna name him Spot.

Here’s the cracked frame:

No wonder it wouldn't stay in the big ring.....

And here’s Spot. He’s about 9 inches, so probably fairly young for  a Tiger….

Spot is a Tiger


Worst Purchase of 2010: Blackburn Airstik SL

November 12, 2010

Seizure disorder

Just in time for the Pagan Winter Festival of Gifts, my Worst Purchase. I bought two of these….

It all started in Santa Fe, where my renting of a way too racy cross bike led to frequent tube changes (once the worthless tubeless system was finally dispensed with), however I was quite impressed by the new generation Serfas pump. It was a real eye opener. I haven’t used a packable pump in nearly 10 years, and this thing was better than my 1999 Zefal which was three times its size. I was able to get back on the road with minimal effort with this pump. Not long after I returned from Santa Fe, I was doing a Double Whammy of the Big Muddy Levee an Pine Hills with Dave. He blew out his inflater head on an initial flat, then he had a bad tube….and we were down to two CO2’s (but four tubes) with another 15 miles of gravel and 20 miles of road to go. We were fine, but I really was missing having a pump, and I ordered up these Blackburns. They seemed to work fine. I practices on both units, and with some pumping, you could hit full road pressure—-with a unit that is 7 inches long and weighs nothing! Unfortunately, after a few months, BOTH of these pumps have seized up. They are useless. I should note that they have been kept indoors, and have probably never been rained on (It has hardly rained since I purchased these in early summer). Total bummer. I really think the mini pump is back, but this ain’t the one.

Bubba 6: Queeny Park, or how to catch a crotch prime….

November 9, 2010

Eville Mike Catches Kelly on the logs

Oh boy! Bubba 6 was my first, and it was fun. I have done Queeny, maybe three times, but it’s always different….This one was really technical and fast, and dry, of course. It hasn’t rained substantially anywhere around here in three months.  We had a  contingent of eight  from Carbondale, with Don, Randall, Chief, Kelly, Berto, Dave, Gary Meredith, and me making the trip. Team Mack also had a huge showing with Walt and somebody else in the C’s, Darrell and Brummer in the B’s (I think) and me and Robo in the A’s. Nice to see Dust taking another single speed, and great to have a push from Matt Dawson when I was flailing up the hill. Geez…..I may have to relegate myself to B’s. I was just not with the program there for a while.At least I did get a crotch prime for $1.  I needed some laps on that course, instead I got about a quarter of a lap and rolled a tire…I limped back up and changed it out with my pit wheel, but I lost my chance to do a few laps. And, I suck. I am taking Ron Bridal and Davie’s advice and trying some of the tape stuff for glueing. Not that it matters much, I’ll be lucky to get in two more races….I sure hope my new Gunnar gets here soon….Stay tuned for Worst Purchase of 2010!