Old Blue is Dead: Littmann Adieu

Condolences to all of the friends and family of Jeff Littmann, a fixture on the upper MidWest cycling scene and someone well liked all around. Littmann died after being rear-ended on a training ride the day before the ABD Fall Fling. Uncle Gary is pretty upset about this, and Gary told me that he and Robert Kron, Mark McGeen, Larry Young, John Fleckenstein and other Mackers went to the funeral which was attended by over 800 people, followed by a group ride. Wisconsin won’t be quite the same. Uncle Gary and Fleck went 1-2 at ABD in the 50s, and 5th, 7th in the 40s, with Kron taking out 9th.

Much less important, the Olde Blue Gunnar is dead. I’d had a knocking on the bottle cages for a while and thought it was the bottle cages. It wasn’t. It wasn’t even really the braze ons, since the corrosion went all the way around them….So, I have a .5cm hole in my frame with whatever degree of corrosion is associated with that…..Having just snapped the fork last week, I’m at a bit of a loss….Let’s see. I’ve had that since 2004. I’ve bent the frame out three times in the drops. Hit a dog at 45mph. Raced it in cross for three seasons (and pit change since then, plus loaners to other racers). And, it’s the bike I ride most often, probably seeing 4,000 miles a year, much of that on levees, gravel roads, or single track!

So, the final sweet part. I’m ordering up a stainless r-33 just like Don Lowe and Uncle Gary, and I’m getting a new Team Gunnar with my very own Steel Team Mack Fork. No more stealing forks from unsuspecting Scandinavians. And, I don’t need a cross race bike right now.

I may hang the Pegoretti on the wall when I get the new R-33….Before it snaps in half….


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