Ronde Von Jakob 2010!


I only race for evl Mike pix of Crow


Wow, six years of cross racing in Carbondale. Hard to believe. Couldn’t have happened without Mike Pease. But, now it’s all on Chief Reimbold and Molteni, and they did a splendid job. Dave Neis was master course designer, and the rest of us just did what we were told unless we were too drunk.  Dr. Paul Von Jakob promises that next time he’ll show me some secret old roads up beyond the vines….Results are in, and congrats to all who had fun.

I was really in my element there on the deck warming up with cowbell and horn. I almost forgot about racing until Crow came up and offered to shove a vuvuzela up my ass.

Congrats to Robo for taking 5th in the 1-2-3! Randall did the same in the 3-4, I just couldn’t quite hang with him in the end! I was second in the masters, old man Yancey kicked my ass in the end. We went back and forth but I didn’t have it in the turns and couldn’t keep my head together.  Wow, Rob Landes was really rocking in his first cross race, and Reimbold just edged Crow….Huge turnout all around, and lots of work by Gary Meredith, Molteni, Dave, Tom Harbert, Flavia, Berto, Pat Work, Chief, and many others.


Molteni Styles it....thx evil mike



One Response to “Ronde Von Jakob 2010!”

  1. Crow Says:

    Actually I didn’t offer to perform the vuvuzela insertion. I just offered the suggestion that said insertion might make you ride faster.

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