Fork Me! It’s time for the Ronde Von Jakob!

Yes, the Ronde Von Jakob, back at long last. A few will remember our first one at the old Vineyard in 2004. This year, we return to Jakobville at the Orchard on Hwy 127 for another brutal race through the vines and now the orchards as well.

I was really rocking on my training leading up to this week. I was needing to get some dirt in my veins, so I’d been doing Cedar on Old Blue damn near every day since I got it triplized. Friday, I was out with Don of the Dead and we had a great time (other than him nearly toasting his chain). On the way back I noticed that I had a lot of fork chatter. And, it was moving around a lot coming down Thunderstorm on the way home. The next day at the start of a ride (thankfully) I spotted the crack and went home and switched bikes. When I pulled the front wheel I just barely pinched the fork and the left leg fell off…..Oooooh…..I guess I might have been suffering after that little incident with hitting the dog at 45mph…and then doing 6k miles a year on nasty shit for another 2.5 years…..I’m lucky….And, even better, Chief has a confiscated Gunnar Fork which is a perfect fit, so Choak at Carbondale Cycles  should have old Blue up and ready to be in the pits (and porting stakes and tape) very soon.

Come on down to the Ronde! Wine will flow…If only Pease were here….


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