Uncle Gary Conquers E-Ville

Not even close!

My road season has ended on a high note, with Uncle Gary taking the inaugural Edwardsville Rotary Criterium. A big round of applause for all the E-Ville folk (including E-Ville Mike who snapped that shot of Uncle Gary). Anthony Dust was in rare form pulling this one off, and  Matt Dawson was working the pits.  Very cool tight course. Uncle Gary described it as “tighter than Robo’s ass.” A bit of an hourglass, short, flat, and sharp at one edge. The masters’ race went from the gun, and Gary almost went off on the first lap with a guy from up north who  I should know but don’t.  But, Tracy and Evan weren’t buying that shit so I cooked it up myself for a bit, and that split the field. Tracy Smith attacked and Gary was right on it and said “sit up” as he came through, so I was blocking. Christanel annd Gary Dyer got on Uncle Gary’s wheel as he tacked onto Tracy, and Evan tried really hard to bridge….I sat in and drifted back to the middle of the first chase, and then the guy from up northway pipped the curb in front of me. I didn’t go down, but was quickly off the back. Another guy blocked by it tried to get a free lap and failed, so I guess I did the right thing by simply sucking it up and chasing.  Steve Hall was having a great race and jousting for 5th with Evan Wykes  out of the main chase when tragedy struck with two to go. But, with Uncle Gary on top the podium, it wasn’t a bad day out.

Rob Landes was racing the 4’s, and took a prime but then got caught up in something with 2 or 3 to go. We were on next but I saw him upright and looking good. Too bad on that one, Rob was going to win. Gary Meredith took in the grandeur of the Master’s race at E-ville.  I think he had some fun out there!  Dave Neis was 5th in the 3’s!!! Woo Hoo! Not bad after racing CROSS the day before! Yes, boys and girls, it is now officially cross season! Chief went up and raced, and I think Berto and Kelly as well.

Macker’s will be up north for ABD, I’m finished and preparing for cross…Ronde Von Jakob!


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