Gateway Cup 2010…Almost Cross Season….

thx evil Mike: Robo celebrates!

Wow! Gateway Cup has certainly improved as a Masters venue. Let us not forget that the old Farts were relegated to category for a few years, and only had a couple of races for a few other years. But, now, we’re on for a full four days of racing. I managed to hit the first two days. I drove up with Dave and we managed a nice corner for the awesome Lafayette Square crit. What a party! You gotta love that race. I’m ok with the course, but it isn’t something I want to mix up at the finale….we had a strong Mack squad for Gateway, with Robert Kron, Mark McGeen, Uncle Gary, Steve Hall, Darrell Bratton, Frank Brummer, Mike Ozment, Jeff Williams and Robo Brokaw–who took the top spot in the final crit. Kron was 3rd on that podium, and was fourth on Saturday and 7th on Friday. I don’t know if they did a Masters Omnium but it seems like Kron must have been way up there if they did! Mark McGeen also pulled a top ten placing 9th on Friday. Awesome job by Gina Champion to take a podium spot in the women’s 3’s. It was listed 3-4, but I pity the 4 coming up in that pack. Justin was fighting it out in the big boy race, and he managed to hang in there quite nicely.

Dave and I managed to avoid crashing. And, I was pretty happy with my races. I was finally feeling like I could move up in the pack at will. It’s been a long time since I felt like that. Man, how about that Evan Wykes? Second in two of the Gateways! Evan told me about the Friday race with him in the break driven by Dave Henderson, and he was still reeling. That was a fast race. Most impressive move has to go to Nashville’s Tim Hall, who bridged up to the Henderson group when things were pretty hot and heavy. One critical observation from Gateway is that the new Big Shark uniforms have a stealth quality which makes Gary Dyer and Dodd Slawson indistinguishable, even to each other.

So. Ill was well represented with Chief, Gary, Molteni, Berto, Big Tom, Rob Landes, and some young boys in various races. Rob was awesome on Friday and Saturday, but took a tumble at the line on Sat. I think he’s almost ready for cross season.


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