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Almost Cross Season…..

August 13, 2010

Even Freakier in Real Life....

Geez, I gotta at least keep up….Sorry. Happy Superweek to all who raced. Uncle Gary was really excited about great rides by Fleckenstein, Kron, McGeen, Lowe, and  O’Banion, and he didn’t do too bad himself. Dave Neis popped home to Superweek and took 5th and 16th in respective races in the 3’s, great job! Not me, July was once again a racing wasteland. Conference travel combined with race cancellations to bring me into Masters Nationals with no racing in about a month. I opted to only do the crit, since I really didn’t want to DNF two races in two days. Gee, that was fun, while it lasted. Still, only 4 hours away and a reasonable start time made that a required pack-fill experience, I guess. Dave Henderson from up Columbia way WON the 40-44, which is nice to see. I really need to race more to be able to hang with that kind of speed. The 45+ race had over 100 on the line, and you won’t see half that in the results.

Of course, coming out of the porta potty I had my greatest moment at Nationals.  There, standing in front of me was one of those mesh carbon bikes, a Delta 7 Arantix with that funny Shimano Electric stuff and a carbon combo bar stem, with Zipps (I was expecting lightweights). A couple of the Coates Cyclery guys from California were running these, and I lined up next to one of them at the 10 minute standoff for the start (in not a good position). It was kind of funny because here I was on an old-school steel frame with older Campy Record 10. I think he finished top 10 despite his crappy startline position, but I’m sure the bike had nothing to do with that.

I’m totally screwed with work. I hope to hit a couple of Gateways, E-Ville, and then it’s cross season.