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Webster Groves, Greater Egypt, and such….

July 12, 2010

Evil Mike shows the action....

Geez, I’ve been busy lately….Mostly with work stuff. But, I did manage to get away and do Webster Groves. I like that crit in some ways, but I’m just not enough of a bulldog or tactician to get it right. And, I’ve never had a good break going. No difference this year…I was hurting early in the race, and when Tracy Smith, Alan C., and Chris H. got up the road I was ready for the letdown. I wussed out on going solo late in the race, and paid for it with my usual suck ass finish. Gary Merideth did a great ride hanging in for 26th in the 5’s! Dave and Berto came for the later races. Great to see Kurt Russell back in action, and a whole mess of new Big Sharkers!!! Wow! Even Gary Dyer and Dodd Slawson are on Big Shark! Russ Murphy took the 50+ race and the sprint from the rest of the pack, I guess fishing season is over. Hmm….for all those Big Sharks, Mesa took 40+ and 50+….Mack had a good haul again in the Masters at the Proctor Crit. Justin Armstead is winning the Ill Cup race, and things seem to be working well up north for another strong Superweek, which I will miss, as usual.

Williamson County partnered with a few of the local racers to put on a bike race here in So. Ill this weekend. I found out about the race very late, from Reverend Dale, who’d been asked to donate money from his televangelism call-person slush fund (which is very odd on several levels), and didn’t know any of the details until a few weeks ago. But, in all, things seemed to go quite well in the end once the race officials and natural selection took control. They had a good turnout in the Cat-5s, and the course is a very nice circuit. Field sizes were small and required combining 1-2-3 and Masters racers in the RR (the race organizer tried to combine the Masters and the 4’s, but Gary Dyer, Ken Norton, and I revolted/requested to race in category instead), and the late afternoon start meant a no-go for the 3 lap circuit which was cut to 2 (but that’s still almost 50 very difficult miles). The neutral start and tons of support in Williamson County helped on the Valley of Death North of Blue Sky winery. Not many people did the TT, which was scheduled early in the morning instead of a more normative late afternoon slot. I’m on kid duty while Alison conferences in NYC, so I missed the crit. Evil Mike had some crit shots up, and it looks a bit  sparse in the 1-2 and 3’s. Not bad for a first year race, and I think the RR  course will bring people back.

In the RR, former Macker and Lindenwood standout David Stroot took the overall on a cheeky break late in the 1st lap. He bridged to a teammate countering a catch from the first breakaway, and that was it.  I wound up 4th in the Masters and 9th overall among about 25 1-2-3 and Masters. Rob Landes is ripping it up lately, and took the Masters (and 3rd overall) over Gary Dyer. My old duathlon nemesis Barry Knight struck out on his own, and while Gary and Rob joined a three pack of threes to catch him, I got caught poking along with some uninterested 1-2s. I waited too long to try to bridge, I caught Danimal and Brian K, of the Cat 3’s (I’d have been second in the 3’s), but couldn’t reel in any more. I needed another lap…Don Mullison was in action in the 5’s. I’m not sure on his placing, but he was quite pleased. Sebastian was 8th in the Masters, Danimal 3rd in the 3’s. Not sure what went on much in the 5’s since they did get a morning start.

Well, Cadel in Yellow! Schleck and Contador looking good, and Lance gone! And, Spain beats the Netherlands, thus denying blow jobs to thousands of Dutch porn twitter fans