Jeannie Longo, the Greatest Ever

She did it again. Jeannie Longo just took her 57th national championship title at age 51. Longo is the greatest cyclist ever. She races because she loves it. My coming out moment as a racer was understanding what was going on in a US women’s race (I can’t remember which one) where Longo was being gangfucked by Saturn. Saturn had a strong group of women and a full team (and team cars, directors, etc). Longo was on a junk team with a couple of kids she picked up (and who were chronically dropped and mostly worthless). OLN or whoever did the video was obviously rah-rah for Saturn, but what was really clear was that this old woman (who was probably only 42 back then….) could barely be beaten by a full team of women. The Saturn women and directors were elated (they should have been embarrassed–they barely won), and Longo….she was fucking pissed!!! “Fuck you, you call that a win? You want to play games or race bikes?” Yeah!!! The greatest ever!


4 Responses to “Jeannie Longo, the Greatest Ever”

  1. broke spoke Says:

    Do you mean the greatest ever after Eddy? Maybe the greatest femaie rider?
    Suprising to find out she is only 51.
    I remember, in the early 80’s, reading about her visits to race in the U.S. She kicked butt back then,too.
    Back in those days I would frequent Mack’s bike shop in Smithton and Mack would talk about one of the riders from his old club. That would be Danny Casebeer, who was going to school in Carbondale at the time. He would go to the nationals and take 3rd or 5th place in the tt. Then he got the national record for the 1 hour by averaging 27.63 mph.
    Longo eventually wound up going 28 mph for 1 hour. She did it on much more modern (aero) equipment, but, to beat Casebeer on any machine is still saying a lot.
    At the 2000 Mount Washington Auto Road Bike Climb she won in 58:14. The winning mens time, that year, was 55:46. A way closer margin than you would normally see. The weather can change drastically, and,maybe, the road conditions, too. So, it’s like comparing oranges to apples, but, I couldn’t help noticing that her time was not much more than 1/2 a minute slower than Dale Stetina’s 1980 winning time.

  2. sherkat Says:

    Of all time!!!! If Eddy had raced longer, he’d have a shot, but this shit Longo has been doing…I’m sorry. Eddy’s out. You can’t just quit and get fat. This woman is never going to stop. She’s the greatest.

    Dan Casebeer! Yes, I’ve met Dan and his brother Dave. They used to come back to C-dale, but I know their dad died, and I think they moved their mother to be closer to a sister. I used to get up with Dave when he was in town, and I met Dan once at Cedar Lake Beach. I hope he gets back into racing more! I heard from a Minnesota guy at Nats last year that Dan’s threatening to make a comeback!

  3. Nick Brummer Says:

    I saw her at a time trial I did out here in Colorado. I believe she must live in Aspen. It was near there. I had no idea who she was, except that she looked pretty freaking fast and she had a national championships jersey on. She beat me by 11 seconds. Here is another great write-up about her from the Steamboat Springs stage race, this past weekend.

  4. Nick Brummer Says:

    her results are in the Womens P 1/2 time trial, mine are in the 3’s

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