O’Fallon Grand Prix!

Team Mack and the So Ill’s did a great job at the State Chumpionship at O’Fallon. Gina Champion, Justin Armstead, and John Fleckenstein scored big V’s! And, Uncle Gary made the podium in the 50+. So. Ill scored two podiums in the Cat 3 with Mike Vail and Diamond Dave Neis going 2-3! And, despite the best efforts of a psycho parent, Danimal Williams took another Jersey in the Juniors.

The 40+ didn’t quite go our way. Robo made a great early challenge, and Darrell, Jeff, and I did our best to foster it. But, he needed some real assistance, and the other guy out there was a 30+ with no mojo. The chasedown by Verizon was horrific, and shattered the field. Justin was in with us, and he got up the road with Druber, Dave Stone, Chris Harre, and another.  And then catastrophe, as Robo went down in an inexplicable crash at the end of lap 2. Darrell got up the road with Tracy Smith and Greg Springborn, and pulled off a great results with 5th. I hung on to finish 12th. I was cramping badly. My Katie Compton cramps surfaced after four days off the bike (and on my ass driving) the weekend before in Oklahoma. Next time I’m in Tulsa, I need to be doing Tulsa Tough.

A huge thanks out to all of our officials and wonderful Volunteers (including Bob Crow!). Buddy, Larry, and the gang endured a nightmare at O’Fallon. We witnessed a small part of it. It’s all Danimal’s fault. Dan dropped the junior field so severely that the poor kids remaining needed diaper changes and someone to GPS them back to their mommies.  But, GPS isn’t equipped on the second follow truck for the Juniors race, and they took a bit of a wrong turn. No matter, they were all together, and Dan was probably winding up his victory salute eight miles up the road. Ah, but some suburban Chicago prickface father proceeded to give holy hell to every official in O’fallon…for about 2 hours. He wanted them to bring Dan back to the pack so his little boy would have a fair chance to get dropped once again….Geez. I’m so glad I said not a word about the results being slow….well, except to Mike and Dave, podium boys kept me from getting home on time….Nice turnout from So. Ill! Chief, Molteni, Brian, Kelly, Rob, Flavia, Gary, Sebastian and Berto all made the trip along with me, Mike, Dave, and Dan.

Great Job for all in O’Fallon on day 2. Justin took another win, and podiums for Gary, Don Lowe, and Robo. I was grounded. And, I’m missing Grove to hang about in Santa Fe with the in-laws and ride some mountains. David down at Mellow Velo is lending me his very own Eddy Merckx cross bike (with Campy, no less), so I’m going to do some exploring…..


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