Robo the Crit Hater

Well, Robo Brokaw, self professed crit hater has won the crit at Joe Martin and took 3rd overall in the 40+! Way to go Robo!!!! Great job by many other Mackers these last few weeks, Uncle Gary included, who also has the report:

Congratulations to Robert “Robo” Brokaw for winning the final stage at Joe Martin and taking 3rd overall. Gina Champion brings home 5th in the Women Open at Monsters and Congratulations to Lindsey Marr for finishing a fine 33rd place in her first race ever, the women 4/5. Justin Armstead is staying consistent with top five placing over the weekend. Mark Shea came close to winning Fox River with a fine 2nd place. Darren Steiner and Mark O’Banion great results. Way to go Don and Neil on a fine 3rd in the two-man TT at Garden Prairie and Frank Brummer 3rd at the 40K TT in Tolono, IL.. A special thanks to Jack Hurley for helping get Gary to the last turn a Midway for the sprint.
And Big Congrats for the WIN at Penrose on the Track for Darrell Bratton!!!

As of today Team MACK is in 2nd place 4 points back in the Illinois Cup Team Standings.
Congrats also to Dave Neis for taking 5th down at McMinnville in the 3’s! Berto was along for fun and spirits and also did a bang up job in the 4’s.
I’ll be in Champaign helping out for the team!

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