Crotalus Horridus--and sucky photography to boot

Yes, it’s snake season! My riding buddies are already suffering. I took out Rev. Dale last week in a successful effort to bag an Eastern Black Racer. We were coming into New Jackoffs on 127 and the a pretty good sized (4ft) racer crossed in front. I swerved to try to cut it off, and I yelled “snake” but it was windy. Dale didn’t know what the fuck was going on, and plowed into my rear wheel when I dismounted–sending him sprawling onto 127….good thing it wasn’t busy….

Today I was doing the long figure 8 on the wine trail. That’s a nice 55 miler with very serious hills. And, best of all it double swings along Hickory Ridge, where there is one of the heaviest concentrations of Timber Rattlers in Illinois. Nice ones, too. This one was about 4ft, but very young despite the girth. I came on it crossing Hickory Ridge about 600 meters South of Pomona Winery. My pictures suck. I hope Ted MacRae doesn’t see this, he’ll demand that I sell my TT bike and buy a real camera. But, what do you expect from a broken cell phone?


2 Responses to “Timber!!!”

  1. Ted C. MacRae Says:

    Well, if you sell your TT bike and buy a real camera, you’ll be able to take photos of timber rattlers like this! 🙂

    I commend you and Dale for crashing each other out rather than run over the snake.

  2. sherkat Says:

    Yeah, and as often as I actually ride my TT bike……I remembered your post, very cool! I’m not sure I’ll get enough for my TT bike to buy what you have, though!

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