Cranking the Pine Hills

Heading down the Mississippi Levee into the Hills....

Dave was very sick yesterday so we took off early to do the Muddy Levee Pine Hills Double. Beautiful day! 79 degrees, tailwinds the entire way. You can’t beat that! We saw a good-sized stand of Sandhill Cranes in the swamps off of the levee.  Though we also had to stop so I could torque down my crank every hour or so, and Dave had a couple of flats…Still, we made it to New Jackoffs well before our projected time…..Notably, the Levee is running fine, and despite the rain and the reported flood-levels at Cape, Scatters road is NOT under water. Indeed, the Muddy has receded from last week when Molteni and I did it.

No racing for me for a few weeks. I’ll be watching kids next weekend while some will go to McMinnville for Highland Rim. Good results last weekend for Mack,  with Darrell, Frank, and Steve all putting up fine performances in Belleville. Some pretty nice results for Carbondalians, with young Dan taking second to Ron Bridal in the 3’s, and Rob posting a podium in the 40+,4-5. Gary and Molteni were also fighting it out, and I think Berto also showed. Dave duked it out in the 1-2-3–which I should have tried to make. But, alas. Too much travel the week before. Next up, Champaign!


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