Elisa Basso—she’s why they dope

God damn the pusher woman....

Well, this changes everything. It turns out that Elisa Basso was a key dealer for dopey ropey over there in Italy. It’s no wonder these poor boys turned to drugs…..”You need some EPO or Cera, I’ll give you my cell number.” Poor bastards never had a chance.

Big congrats to Robo on his win at Hermann last week!!!

Athens Twilight was a blast! I almost cracked the top 10, more later….


2 Responses to “Elisa Basso—she’s why they dope”

  1. Guapo Says:

    Forget the dopey ropey…Guapo wants to holey pokey…

  2. Donkey Punch Says:

    Don’t forget this one:

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