Bill Jensen Memorial Tour de Ground Hog, 2010

The Premiere Late Season Cross Race in the United States! Yes sir rhea, bobke. Tour de Ground Hog. I’m looking forward to Sunday! well, maybe…

Thanks again to the Springfield Mackers, Uncle Gary, Steve and Gina Driscoll, and all the others who always make this event a huge success.

Regrets already from STL-area Cross Queen Cory Redmond and Rudy! Cory has a note-from-her-mommy excuse, and Uncle Gary is putting together a care package. We all hope to see you back soon!  Rudy has no excuse. Knowing that you’re going to get your ass kicked is not an excuse.

Huge MTB snow riding around here the last few weeks.  Secret shit. We’re being watched.

See you at the Hog!


One Response to “Bill Jensen Memorial Tour de Ground Hog, 2010”

  1. Uncle Gary Says:

    The MACK bubble held on Friday! All the weather went around Springfield. I’m heading out with the Shea Master to envoke the bubble for Sunday. This is a long process of drinking and dancing in my front yard..We may look silly, but it seems to work..Uncle Gary

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