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Hog Slush

February 23, 2010

Gina Champion pounds the snow

Oh Wow!!! What a Ground Hog!!! The Bill Jensen Memorial Tour de Ground Hog was another classic! The best in a long, long time!

Results are here:


Chief Reimbold and I made the trip up, and the forecast for rain and sleet and temps in the 30s kept the rest of the Heckawee tribe safe at home with their squaws. The trip up was a bit uncomfortable, what with the rain and 33 degrees pegged on my dashboard thermometer. We were prepared for an awful mudfest, worse than last year….

But, the rain had only just begun up in Springfield, and the course was mostly old snow–which trenched out into ruts and routes. It ran clockwise again this year (like last year), and the hill section was rideable, and there were three barriers (two sets and a single–like last year with the single thrown in on the flat part of the woods). In the end, most of the course was still frozen on the bottom. So, while many stretches were muddy or slushy, if you could find a hard line you were ok.

Chief was 3rd in the 50+, which produced the winner of a 16 strong masters field (30-50+), I think he was 6th overall. He was really rocking!! Robo took the 40+ race and did the ironman to do all three events! Steve Driscoll got up on the podium in the 30+!

I was 8th, right behind Robo and Darrell Bratton and Greg Springborn.  I had fifth place in my sight, which felt good in the end…I kept passing Robo and sometimes Darrell on the hill, which they had to run, but then they’d nail me back and dump me in the mud and running section. At one point I was leading Robo and Springborn into the first set of barriers. Robo was riding the mud and I was running, and when he came along side me he fell over and flattened me into the mud before the barriers….Springborn almost fell over laughing at us. Jeff Williams also cracked the top 10!  Ron Bridal was 2nd and had a great race, which was won by Ben Popper from Chi-area (I guess).

Again, huge thanks to Uncle Gary and the Springfield crew. No Mark Shea sightings and Justin Armstead was cheerleading…..But Marilyn Powell was working the desk (she should have been racing, too….).


Bill Jensen Memorial Tour de Ground Hog, 2010

February 19, 2010

The Premiere Late Season Cross Race in the United States! Yes sir rhea, bobke. Tour de Ground Hog. I’m looking forward to Sunday! well, maybe…

Thanks again to the Springfield Mackers, Uncle Gary, Steve and Gina Driscoll, and all the others who always make this event a huge success.

Regrets already from STL-area Cross Queen Cory Redmond and Rudy! Cory has a note-from-her-mommy excuse, and Uncle Gary is putting together a care package. We all hope to see you back soon!  Rudy has no excuse. Knowing that you’re going to get your ass kicked is not an excuse.

Huge MTB snow riding around here the last few weeks.  Secret shit. We’re being watched.

See you at the Hog!

Franco Ballerini 1964-2010

February 7, 2010

Paris Roubaix

Italian national team coach and classics legend Franco Ballerini died in a crash in a rally car race. What a shame. Ballerini was one of the best classics racers of the 1980s-1990s. And, he proved to be the missing link needed to get the Italians in line for the world championship. Italian cycling is going to suffer tremendously from this loss. He was the future grand old man. The Italian equivalent of Bruyneel–only with a better racing pedigree. No more. Rally car racing?

Happy Birthday Uncle Gary!!!

February 2, 2010

Captain Tour of America, 1983


Happy Birthday to Uncle Gary!!!! Ground Hog Day is always special!! See you at the HOG!