World Championships 2013 in Louisville!!!

De definitieve beslissing valt pas volgende donderdag, maar Louisville

Shitfire! None other than Sven Nys is expressing hope that the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships will be in Louisville!! This is huge.  It’s gonna happen. And, it makes sense. Cyclocross has largely floundered in Europe outside of the hotbeds of Belgium and the Netherlands. In contrast, the sport has grown exponentially in the United States, which is a growing market for cycling in general. The French don’t care. The Spanish don’t see the point. The Italians think it’s funny. The Germans are Nazis.  The future of cyclocross is in the Czech Republic and in the United States. And, how did the CZ get so into cross? Well, there is the not so small matter that they have hosted the World Championships several times already! And, now, they stand poised to win both the men’s and women’s races on their home turf with Stybar and Nash. Good money is on Stybar for the win, and while Nash isn’t on my podium picks, she’s got more of a shot than Katie “Fucking Cramps” Compton.

The Compton thing really has me bummed. The woman has had this problem for years, and while the specific issue isn’t understood the cause and consequences are. Anytime she has to take days off and sit on her ass in an airplane she gets horrific cramps and they may not subside for weeks. I’ve had a similar condition. When I was a runner, I developed these immediate onset cramps after my knee surgery. It followed a period where I was not running for several weeks, and tended to sit on my ass in front of a computer for long hours. The cramps aren’t from exertion–they strike immediately as soon as you try to use your muscles with any degree of vigor. It is paralyzing, and they don’t go away.  There isn’t a damned thing you can do. I understand. What is frustrating is that a world class athlete like Compton, who would have been an odds on favorite for the World Championship can’t do what was necessary to prevent this from happening. What would that be? Live in Europe. If Compton had gone to Europe after Nationals and never left, this wouldn’t have happened. But, what are you gonna do? I’m thinking Compton’s net salary from cyclocross is somewhere in the range of $40k-80k, and living in Europe would reduce her (and her husband’s) net salaries considerably. Ah well, there’s always Louisville!


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