Freezing for Vengeance!

Gary M’s been boning me to write something,  so I must comply. The freeze has had an interesting influence on training down here in So. Ill. Oh baby, what a freeze. I think we may have had one freeze about like this in 2003 or so, but it’s more than I’ve seen since moving to So Ill in 2001. Mental midget global warming deniers are having a field day, what with their inability to discern weather from climate, and their lack of knowledge of multi-wave panel forecasting and backdated interpolation. Ah, but this is the wrong blog for that….

I have now ridden my mountain bike thirteen times as much as last year! Great new trail locations at Trail of Tears, and Cedar is a blast in the snow (but really friggin’ hard). Next up on the trail maintenance front is to get some honest acceptance from places like the State Forest and Giant City State Park. It is completely ridiculous that the trails are closed to bikes. This ain’t STL. Total WEEKLY traffic on any given trail would probably be 30 bikes, at peak. That’s far less damage than would be done by two fat-ass rednecks on horses with a couple of cases of beer in the saddle bags and a few illegal guns….you know, just in case something jumps out that you want to blast…like some spandex wearing faggots on bikes.

I gotta say, I’m making a comeback. I had the swine flu and have had some other mild icky colds, but in spite of those, I’m feeling pretty good. I won’t be riding in the pack this season. Unless I hit a dog.


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