Mountain Bikecicles

By Thursday, We'll be able to ride from the Spillway to the Cliffs...on the frozen lake....

Ah, the new year. My only thrill is that Davie will return from Brazil and be even worse off than the rest of us poor saps who stayed and became somewhat acclimated. We have not broken freezing since December 31. But, the good news is that I’ve rediscovered my passion for mountain biking. Actually, I never really had a passion for mountain biking, but when it’s really butt-ass cold, I can’t ride on the roads, so I ride my mountain bike. It’s a bit like masturbation, or prison homosexuality. There’s something you’d rather do, but can’t. Actually, I really like riding the trails, but I hate driving. And, I hate riding mountain bikes on the road. Since it was rather warm last year, I only rode my MTB once—and that would be on December 31st, when we packed up and had a birthday party (for me!) in Trail of Tears. The really good news is that we founds some AWESOME trails in TOT. Of course, they’re probably illegal, but, fuck them. Dipshit morons who refuse to pay taxes get to wander around and blast animals with guns, or ride horses, or cart out dead animals on ATVs, and we can’t ride bikes? I’m thinking with all of the budget cuts, a bunch of old guys riding the trails is the least of the IDNR’s worries….


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