Worst Purchase of 2009: Windows 7!

To Celebrate Zappadan, the Barking Pumpkin!

Yeah, I know. But, I didn’t buy much cycling stuff, and I stuck to the tried and true necessities. I can’t exactly flip coins and say, hmmm, which do I think was the worst among the Wipperman chains, Ritchey Speedmax, Conti Competitions, or Conti tubes that didn’t make my “Best Purchase”.  In contrast, I’ve only had windows 7 for a few weeks, and I know it sucks!!!

I had two major computer crashes over the summer, and once I got my cash flowing I picked out a system to replace them. Standard dell laptop with some externals to set it up with a keyboard and monitor. Nothing fancy, but not low end, either. I do a lot of heavy computing, with some rather torturous programs like LISREL, HLM, STATA, LEM, along with SAS and SPSS. And, Well I’ll Be Fucked. What do you know. As I sat down to install LISREL and HLM….they don’t work on Windows 7. STATA? NO. LEM is an old dos/windows 95 program, I don’t even have the heart to try it.

Oh, and my workhorse HP 1000 Series printer, the best thing I have ever bought in my life, with the exception of my Pegoretti…..ISN’T SUPPORTED BY WINDOWS 7.

Great. So, Now, I’m just going to have to hope that my four year old XP laptop doesn’t crash (or my office XP machine). And, I’ll have to maybe pray and beg that Stata, Lisrel, and HLM will come out with compatible versions (and that the Dean will buy them for me…that’s not a foregone conclusion here in the minor leagues, unlike at major universities where new machines show up on people’s desks complete with all the new versions of all the software).  And, I’ll have to buy a new laserprinter? There is nothing wrong with my laserprinter!!!!

Ah well. It’s day five of swine flu for me. No Washington Cross to finish the season. I have to do graduation for the Christmas event (and even if I’m ok, I won’t be up for racing). I posted record high temperatures, hitting 105.1!!! Wooooo hoooo! And, on the same theme, Mag’s back!! He actually did a race in California. Good to see him getting out and racing, so he doesn’t act like a jackass on the bike trails. Pretty funny videos on his blog, lots of pre-race angst….

Big Congratulations to Gina Champion, who won the IL cyclocross championship last weekend! And, Big Daddy Mark McGeen took the Wisconsin title. Justin Armstead, Andrew Hines, the Shilling family, Chief Reimbold, Diamond Dave, Gary M also had great races. And, a special salute to Ron Bridal for overcoming an illegal callup of Chicago Mafia Yokels and SMOKING the 3’s race!


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