Mt UnPleasant!

thx: pdaddy Left, Sherkat, go Left, Left, damn you!

Oh boy. That was fun. Wow, check out the helmet cam.  I wasn’t going to do Mt. Pleasant, but then the cards started to fall right, and Chief offered to drive, and Molteni could go, so I decided to do the B’s, which is more where I belong anyway. Even better, we picked up Rudy on the way into STL!! He didn’t have an operational vehicle, so it was Rudy’s big Heckawee adventure. He may have to sign up with Chief….I thought this was going to be a 50% turnout Bubba, but  instead it drew at least as many racers as any of the races, and way more spectators. Chief and I were cursing in the parking lot as we pulled up to a packed house, complete with parents, spouses, and grandparents. How are two old farts going to take a pee under conditions like that? Some kid sitting there on a trainer in front of his mini with mom and dad, while Chief and I were trying not to dribble our shorts before we could get to the edge of the woods.

But, it all became clear pretty soon. Wow. What a venue! You could watch most of the race from the main deck, and if you went for another bottle you could watch the racers whip through the bar! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to enjoy much of that. We were on a bit of a tight schedule. But, some people had the right idea. Russ and Adrienne came to drink wine, not to suffer and whine!

Big congrats to all of the winners, and a great result for Team Mack’s Robo, who took 9th in the A race. Wow! Robo will be the first to admit that he can’t race cross for shit, but he’s the toughest guy in any field. And, this was a tough guy race. So, of course, I sucked. I had my chance to T-bone Gary Dyer, but I missed him.  Gary got up and rode like a beast after that! Darrell Bratton was doing great for a while, but he blew up and finished just out of the top 10 in the B’s. Kelley, Molteni and Berto had awesome races in the Women’s,  C’s and B’s respectively, though Berto didn’t seem to make the results (he finished right behind Chief). Crowe turned up with a fancy hybrid 26 mtb/cross bike with disc brakes and 700c rims! The man did well on that thing!

I rode the big run up in practice, but I didn’t have the gas to try it in the race. I’m still a month away from having my energy back, and by then I’ll be well into the off season….ah well, maybe next year…Davey did well in Indy, posting a top 5 in the 3’s on the second day…I should have done that…..But, I would have been shelled in the open 45+, though I may have had a podium in the 35+ 3’s….but that was too early to make on a one day trip.

And, everyone’s sick around here, so no trip to Tulsa for Thanksgiving. Which sucks, and doesn’t all at once. Who knows. I may buy tickets to another cross race or two….


3 Responses to “Mt UnPleasant!”

  1. Bob Crow Says:

    Damn! I remembered that my bike had a MTB triple crank long after the race was over. I’ll bet I could have rode that walk up in my 22t weenie ring.

    Sorry you missed your chance at Gary. Maybe the Alton Beginner racers will put a bounty on him.

  2. pease Says:

    That is the best youtube cyclocross video I’ve ever seen. The FF then slow-mo, is the way to go.

    Why is it that as soon as I leave a place the cyclocross scene grows like crazy?

  3. sherkat Says:

    Hey man!!! I hope you’re drunk as a monkey here on Tofurkey day! Or, maybe you’ll eat you some meat to celebrate the divorce…though I don’t know that Turkey is much of a consolation. We’re having chicken….

    Thanks for the videos! I just got off the trainer from watching one of them. I can’t remember which. Drinking diet beer on the trainer is definitely going to get me over this virus soon. Ah, well…I’d love to get in at least one more race before it’s all over…

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