Bubba and Beyond….


Evil Mike gives us Crowe versus Chief

Ah, another week of action in the greater STL cross scene. Chief Reimbold and the Heckawee tribe mostly settled on the great race up in Altonville put on by the Wild Track boys. Those guys have done a great job this year, and I was bummed to miss their finale. I’m always on a short leash, so I was happy to have hit one of their races, but all accounts have them as being class acts. Molteni, Chief, Berto, Kelly, Dave, Flavia, and Big Tom all made the trek up from Carbondale.

I was relegated to Sunday play at Bubba 6. It was a great venue, and I should have had a better race. It was a fast and relatively untechnical course, which should have favored a suck-ass roadie like me. But, I kept hitting the deck on the fast turns. I think the conclusion was that I went too low on pressure. Which seems weird to me.  But, Dave said after his race that he thought I should bump it up (of course, by that time I was at line-up…and I didn’t believe him at the time). I didn’t feel all too bad since Mike Weiss was playing the grass a good bit with me. Darrell Bratton had a great race in the 3-4, finishing 4th. And, Gary Meredith won the hot dog eating contest after a strong finish in the 4’s! Flavia cleaned up on the running race, to give Carbondale two victories in the competition.

I hope Matt Dawson is ok after his wrist plant. He was walking back to the pits with a way-rolled tubie on his single speed and an ice pack on his hand. Dr. Mark started to give him some advice, but then was called off and DNS’d the A race.  Dr. Mark DNF’s or DNS’s a good number of races because of that DR. thing. I remember one time a few years ago when I saw Dr. Mark stopped on the switches at Faust way up ahead with what I thought was a mechanical. Then, as I turned I saw he was still there, and then when I finally got up to him I saw he was talking on the cell phone to a patient or colleague…he doesn’t finish well under those circumstances.

Thanks to Rudy, Darrell, and the Heckawees for egging me on!


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