Autumn Floods in the Pine Hills


So Ill at its best.....view from Mississippi Levee Road

Ah, Fall in So. Ill. The rains finally stopped, but the rivers are up….I did a solo ride up the Big Muddy Levee and then into the Pine Hills. Unfortunately, I found Scatters Road underwater for about 300 meters. Since it was 60 degrees or more, and I knew it wasn’t too high, I shouldered the bike and trudged through the dregs of the Big Muddy (scattering giant gar and other fish as I went). It just made it up to soak my chamois….but no higher….

I have tickets to Bubba this weekend, so that should be fun. As non-preparation, I did Cedar with  Big Tom and Don. Tom’s thinking about doing the Sat. race in the Alton area, and I think a lot of our people are going up for that (Berto, Chief, Dave…). I can’t go up on Saturday, or I would. The Wild Track guys did a great job with that series! But, I’m only free Sunday this weekend….



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