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Mt UnPleasant!

November 25, 2009

thx: pdaddy Left, Sherkat, go Left, Left, damn you!

Oh boy. That was fun. Wow, check out the helmet cam.  I wasn’t going to do Mt. Pleasant, but then the cards started to fall right, and Chief offered to drive, and Molteni could go, so I decided to do the B’s, which is more where I belong anyway. Even better, we picked up Rudy on the way into STL!! He didn’t have an operational vehicle, so it was Rudy’s big Heckawee adventure. He may have to sign up with Chief….I thought this was going to be a 50% turnout Bubba, but  instead it drew at least as many racers as any of the races, and way more spectators. Chief and I were cursing in the parking lot as we pulled up to a packed house, complete with parents, spouses, and grandparents. How are two old farts going to take a pee under conditions like that? Some kid sitting there on a trainer in front of his mini with mom and dad, while Chief and I were trying not to dribble our shorts before we could get to the edge of the woods.

But, it all became clear pretty soon. Wow. What a venue! You could watch most of the race from the main deck, and if you went for another bottle you could watch the racers whip through the bar! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to enjoy much of that. We were on a bit of a tight schedule. But, some people had the right idea. Russ and Adrienne came to drink wine, not to suffer and whine!

Big congrats to all of the winners, and a great result for Team Mack’s Robo, who took 9th in the A race. Wow! Robo will be the first to admit that he can’t race cross for shit, but he’s the toughest guy in any field. And, this was a tough guy race. So, of course, I sucked. I had my chance to T-bone Gary Dyer, but I missed him.  Gary got up and rode like a beast after that! Darrell Bratton was doing great for a while, but he blew up and finished just out of the top 10 in the B’s. Kelley, Molteni and Berto had awesome races in the Women’s,  C’s and B’s respectively, though Berto didn’t seem to make the results (he finished right behind Chief). Crowe turned up with a fancy hybrid 26 mtb/cross bike with disc brakes and 700c rims! The man did well on that thing!

I rode the big run up in practice, but I didn’t have the gas to try it in the race. I’m still a month away from having my energy back, and by then I’ll be well into the off season….ah well, maybe next year…Davey did well in Indy, posting a top 5 in the 3’s on the second day…I should have done that…..But, I would have been shelled in the open 45+, though I may have had a podium in the 35+ 3’s….but that was too early to make on a one day trip.

And, everyone’s sick around here, so no trip to Tulsa for Thanksgiving. Which sucks, and doesn’t all at once. Who knows. I may buy tickets to another cross race or two….


Huntin’ for Bubba

November 19, 2009

Stay ouf of the woods, or something awful might happen


Gun Season is this weekend in So. Ill., Nov 20-22, so if you were planning a trip, go somewhere else. Second gun season is Dec 3-6….

I’ll be heading to the Bubba in the Vineyard, I think. The Heckawees are trying to get me to go to Indy,  but that’d be an extra four hours of driving….and I can’t do both days….

Bubba and Beyond….

November 11, 2009


Evil Mike gives us Crowe versus Chief

Ah, another week of action in the greater STL cross scene. Chief Reimbold and the Heckawee tribe mostly settled on the great race up in Altonville put on by the Wild Track boys. Those guys have done a great job this year, and I was bummed to miss their finale. I’m always on a short leash, so I was happy to have hit one of their races, but all accounts have them as being class acts. Molteni, Chief, Berto, Kelly, Dave, Flavia, and Big Tom all made the trek up from Carbondale.

I was relegated to Sunday play at Bubba 6. It was a great venue, and I should have had a better race. It was a fast and relatively untechnical course, which should have favored a suck-ass roadie like me. But, I kept hitting the deck on the fast turns. I think the conclusion was that I went too low on pressure. Which seems weird to me.  But, Dave said after his race that he thought I should bump it up (of course, by that time I was at line-up…and I didn’t believe him at the time). I didn’t feel all too bad since Mike Weiss was playing the grass a good bit with me. Darrell Bratton had a great race in the 3-4, finishing 4th. And, Gary Meredith won the hot dog eating contest after a strong finish in the 4’s! Flavia cleaned up on the running race, to give Carbondale two victories in the competition.

I hope Matt Dawson is ok after his wrist plant. He was walking back to the pits with a way-rolled tubie on his single speed and an ice pack on his hand. Dr. Mark started to give him some advice, but then was called off and DNS’d the A race.  Dr. Mark DNF’s or DNS’s a good number of races because of that DR. thing. I remember one time a few years ago when I saw Dr. Mark stopped on the switches at Faust way up ahead with what I thought was a mechanical. Then, as I turned I saw he was still there, and then when I finally got up to him I saw he was talking on the cell phone to a patient or colleague…he doesn’t finish well under those circumstances.

Thanks to Rudy, Darrell, and the Heckawees for egging me on!

Autumn Floods in the Pine Hills

November 7, 2009

So Ill at its best.....view from Mississippi Levee Road

Ah, Fall in So. Ill. The rains finally stopped, but the rivers are up….I did a solo ride up the Big Muddy Levee and then into the Pine Hills. Unfortunately, I found Scatters Road underwater for about 300 meters. Since it was 60 degrees or more, and I knew it wasn’t too high, I shouldered the bike and trudged through the dregs of the Big Muddy (scattering giant gar and other fish as I went). It just made it up to soak my chamois….but no higher….

I have tickets to Bubba this weekend, so that should be fun. As non-preparation, I did Cedar with  Big Tom and Don. Tom’s thinking about doing the Sat. race in the Alton area, and I think a lot of our people are going up for that (Berto, Chief, Dave…). I can’t go up on Saturday, or I would. The Wild Track guys did a great job with that series! But, I’m only free Sunday this weekend….