Bubba 3 at JB….

Evil Mike, Help Me!

Bubba 3 returned to the Jefferson Barracks, and it was a rockin’ good time. Huge turnouts in all of the fields. Lots of food and beer for those in the earlier races….And a great power course! I always like Jefferson Barracks, and this one was no disappointment.

All manner of mayhem in the C race. Kelley was in the women’s field, and Molteni and Gary M were blasting around in the C’s. And, Jeff Williams joined them, eventually. I think Jeff was, ah, indisposed when Buddy sent them off. Dave, Chief, and Berto lined up for the B-race. I swear. There was some issue with maybe Chief hanging out at Larry Flynt’s place, but he was there.  Evil Mike got a picture. Come to think of it, I don’t recall seeing Berto or Dave in the results either….hmmmm. No, they were there. I swear….And Mark Shea was in the house!!! Great to see him getting dirty. And, how about Rudy!!! He turned in a fine ride while bleeding profusely from his head!

Gary Dyer taunted me with a chili bowl throughout the A-race. Robo and I struggled around the back, and he eventually nudged on. I was ok on the most technical parts, surprisingly enough. But, my back was still killing me from a spill on Cedar Lake last week, and I really hurt on the high speed descent and dismount…ah well, and I suck. But, I must say that as bad as I suck, some of the other regulars looked really good. Denis K almost lapped me! I hope to be back out at the races for Nov 7 or so….



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