Bubba 1-2, and I don’t know

Heckawee, anyway?

Heckawee, anyway?

Well, I missed the first couple of Bubbas, and may miss several more…But, a good number of the Carbondale crew headed up, and it looks like there were a few Mackers as well. Will had some trouble, it seems. Molteni, Chief, and Dave were pounding around in the dark (and today). Looked like Frank Brummer and Robo were rockin in the dark. Didn’t see Mark Shea in any of the pics….

I’ve been doing some riding and thinking about maybe doing Sunday in Louisville….

Don and I found that you can do an additional 2 miles or so of dirt by taking Winstead Road off of Union Springs heading into Alto. Chief always said that connected, but I don’t know why I’ve never done it. Very cool road! Geez, we should just truck down new 51 to Limestone Church, over to Union Springs, up Winstead, and that’s a nice stretch of dirt! Do that with a Rhine Road to Pine Hills…..


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