Ronde Von Kookaburra

irritating, but fascinating....

irritating, but fascinating....

All kinds of madness. First, the Ronde was quite a smash down here in Carbondale. We had 62 or something like that registrants. Chief Reimbold and the Heckawees put together a fabulous course, the best ever! I was so busy handing out Chimay primes, I can’t remember who won what. But, one thing is for sure, Dr. Mark and Mark Nagy are the winners of the road warriors prize for always making it down to C-Dale. Big Chimay for them….Great to see Dennis K, Dave Stroot, Martin Lang, Jeff Yielding, and a host of others in the house. I wound up doing the Masters race. We had a strong Cat-3 guy, Todd Nix who came down from Kentucky, so I figured I needed to give him some competition. I felt good, and kindof wished I had saved myself for the a-race…but, what the fuck. that’s like being a virgin when you marry or something, right?

Cadel Evans won the world championship. I watched the finale before going over to help with the Ronde. It was incredible. Australia raced the best race of the match, and they won it. With Cadel Evans….It was amazing. He was awesome. He did everything right. He never wavered. Never looked for someone else to chase, or set the pace. He followed every move, then blew the last two guys off of his wheel and soloed in. And, it was a HOT race. I’m guessing that the lead group of about 12 was pushing over 55mph on the descent when Cancellara was trying to break off. And the breaks by Vino were awesome!

Team Mack finished up the road season with a bang! Big wins by John Fleckenstein and podiums for Uncle Gary, Robo, and Robert Kron at the ABD Fall Fling. Great job by all who went! Time for Cross!!!


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