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Bubba 3 at JB….

October 27, 2009

Evil Mike, Help Me!

Bubba 3 returned to the Jefferson Barracks, and it was a rockin’ good time. Huge turnouts in all of the fields. Lots of food and beer for those in the earlier races….And a great power course! I always like Jefferson Barracks, and this one was no disappointment.

All manner of mayhem in the C race. Kelley was in the women’s field, and Molteni and Gary M were blasting around in the C’s. And, Jeff Williams joined them, eventually. I think Jeff was, ah, indisposed when Buddy sent them off. Dave, Chief, and Berto lined up for the B-race. I swear. There was some issue with maybe Chief hanging out at Larry Flynt’s place, but he was there.  Evil Mike got a picture. Come to think of it, I don’t recall seeing Berto or Dave in the results either….hmmmm. No, they were there. I swear….And Mark Shea was in the house!!! Great to see him getting dirty. And, how about Rudy!!! He turned in a fine ride while bleeding profusely from his head!

Gary Dyer taunted me with a chili bowl throughout the A-race. Robo and I struggled around the back, and he eventually nudged on. I was ok on the most technical parts, surprisingly enough. But, my back was still killing me from a spill on Cedar Lake last week, and I really hurt on the high speed descent and dismount…ah well, and I suck. But, I must say that as bad as I suck, some of the other regulars looked really good. Denis K almost lapped me! I hope to be back out at the races for Nov 7 or so….



Bubba 1-2, and I don’t know

October 19, 2009
Heckawee, anyway?

Heckawee, anyway?

Well, I missed the first couple of Bubbas, and may miss several more…But, a good number of the Carbondale crew headed up, and it looks like there were a few Mackers as well. Will had some trouble, it seems. Molteni, Chief, and Dave were pounding around in the dark (and today). Looked like Frank Brummer and Robo were rockin in the dark. Didn’t see Mark Shea in any of the pics….

I’ve been doing some riding and thinking about maybe doing Sunday in Louisville….

Don and I found that you can do an additional 2 miles or so of dirt by taking Winstead Road off of Union Springs heading into Alto. Chief always said that connected, but I don’t know why I’ve never done it. Very cool road! Geez, we should just truck down new 51 to Limestone Church, over to Union Springs, up Winstead, and that’s a nice stretch of dirt! Do that with a Rhine Road to Pine Hills…..

Great Godfrey Corn Maze

October 12, 2009
Truth in advertising, at last

Truth in advertising, at last

The Wild Trak People put on a great race in the Pride Cyclocross series in Godfrey. What a maze. It really was a brilliant effort. Thought was required.

We had six Carbondaliens in the various races. Kelly contested the women’s 4’s. William and Molteni did the men’s 4’s. annd Chief and Berto did the 3-4. Chief was way up there in the 3-4, and William took 7th in the 4’s.  I hung in for the 1-2-3. Mack had a good showing, with Dan Ingersoll  mixing it up in the 3-4 and Justin Armstead hitting the podium with 3rd in the 1-2-3.

I managed to not be last (thanks to a mechanical for someone else), and had a fun dual with Scott Peipert. I was having trouble with the course from the start. I really could have used four or five practice laps…..instead I had none. But, I finally got in the groove and caught back up to Scott. We went back and forth for several laps before he put me away with 2 laps to go.

Sven Nys…He’s back….Gilbert takes Paris Tours….Gary Dyer takes the beginners race at Godfrey…..Weird shit. Apparently, if you didn’t race cross in a reported categorized race in the last few years, they bumped you down to Cat-4 on your USCF license. So, Gary Dyer is a cat-4.  He took out some of his anger on the beginner field, winning that (though there was a young sandbagger he had to fight with). Then, Dyer took on the 4’s, finishing third, I think. Then, he started the 3-4 race. However, it was also the women’s open race, and several of the women began pushing and spitting on him. So, he retired after a couple of laps.

Ronde Von Kookaburra

October 7, 2009
irritating, but fascinating....

irritating, but fascinating....

All kinds of madness. First, the Ronde was quite a smash down here in Carbondale. We had 62 or something like that registrants. Chief Reimbold and the Heckawees put together a fabulous course, the best ever! I was so busy handing out Chimay primes, I can’t remember who won what. But, one thing is for sure, Dr. Mark and Mark Nagy are the winners of the road warriors prize for always making it down to C-Dale. Big Chimay for them….Great to see Dennis K, Dave Stroot, Martin Lang, Jeff Yielding, and a host of others in the house. I wound up doing the Masters race. We had a strong Cat-3 guy, Todd Nix who came down from Kentucky, so I figured I needed to give him some competition. I felt good, and kindof wished I had saved myself for the a-race…but, what the fuck. that’s like being a virgin when you marry or something, right?

Cadel Evans won the world championship. I watched the finale before going over to help with the Ronde. It was incredible. Australia raced the best race of the match, and they won it. With Cadel Evans….It was amazing. He was awesome. He did everything right. He never wavered. Never looked for someone else to chase, or set the pace. He followed every move, then blew the last two guys off of his wheel and soloed in. And, it was a HOT race. I’m guessing that the lead group of about 12 was pushing over 55mph on the descent when Cancellara was trying to break off. And the breaks by Vino were awesome!

Team Mack finished up the road season with a bang! Big wins by John Fleckenstein and podiums for Uncle Gary, Robo, and Robert Kron at the ABD Fall Fling. Great job by all who went! Time for Cross!!!